Fantastak SuperDot glue dots are a great way to stick items together – or to hold things in place in packaging, for example. Colourless, quick and easy to use, they dispense a standard dot of glue without getting your fingers messy. A little glue dot with a lot of power!

SuperDot Roller

The SuperDot Roller gun makes it quick and easy to apply our SuperDot glue dots – either a glue dot at a time or as a continuous row of glue dots. Very popular for larger users of Glue Dots, these handy devices can be used anywhere!

SuperEco Discs

SuperEco discs are translucent single sided discs for use on a variety of closing applications to include luxury packing and tamper proofing. Manufactured from  recyclable paper  they offer a environmentally friendly alternative to plastic acetate discs.

CD – Superstuds

SuperStuds are our foam CD stud/holder solution for attaching compact discs to almost any surface. The CD is twisted onto the stud for a secure fix.

CD – Superspider

SuperSpiders are simple, lightweight and ingenious plastic clips which attach compact discs to pretty much anything you like. The CD will repeatedly click onto and off the spider, so CDs can be taken off and put back on as often as required.

CD – Supercentre

Fantastak stock a range of Self Adhesive CD/DVD holders (See also CD SuperCentres and CD Studs) These self adhesive centres can be attached to mailers, magazines and various promotional items and allow the CD or disc to be removed and replaced as many times as you like. Available in Black, White and Clear there is an application to suit all designs.