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Coloured Paper Discs

New from Fantastak our Coloured Paper Discs are designed to simplify your daily tasks. The writeable surface allows you to easily label, mark, or code items for efficient stock management or organisation. Whether you need to identify different products, categorize inventory, or simply add a touch of colour to your projects, these discs are up to the task.

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Introducing Coloured Paper Discs: Your Versatile Solution for Stock Coding, Organization, and More!

Are you in need of a practical and vibrant tool for stock coding, organizational tasks, inventory checks, crafting, and packaging solutions? Look no further than our Coloured Paper Discs! These innovative discs are designed to simplify your day-to-day activities while adding a pop of colour to your workspace.

The Coloured Paper Discs feature a writeable surface, making it incredibly easy for you to label and mark items efficiently. Whether you're categorizing inventory, creating a colour-coded system for your projects, or simply adding a personal touch to your crafts, these discs are your go-to choice.

Choose from our stock colours, including Green, Blue, Yellow, Hessian, Rose, Silver, and Gold. Made with an 80gsm paper material with an acrylic permanent adhesive.

Our Coloured Paper Discs are recyclable, making them an excellent choice for the eco-conscious individual. Use along side your current recyclable packaging solutions for a full sustainable option. We believe in sustainability and strive to provide you with products that have a minimal impact on the environment where possible.

We offer two standard sizes: 25mm and 50mm discs. However, we understand that every task is unique, and specific requirements may arise. That's why we are fully equipped to provide bespoke sizing options for both individual discs and rolls.

Disc diameters available from 18mm up to 70mm, simply reach out to us with your specific requirements and our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you.

Discover the ease and versatility of our Coloured Paper Discs today. Experience their vibrant colours, writeable surfaces, and recyclable materials, all crafted with your needs in mind. Revolutionize your stock coding, organization, crafting, and packaging solutions with our high-quality, customisable discs. Shop now and unlock endless possibilities!



We are able to supply a wide range of sizing on disc diameter and roll size. From small discs at 18mm right up to 70mm - Please ask for more details!


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