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Colourless, quick and easy to use, our Glue Dots provide a standard dot of glue without getting your fingers messy. A little Glue Dot with a lot of power! Available in a wide range of adhesive grades our adhesive dots cover a whole host of different applications and material specifications, with over 20 years adhesive experience we can find the right dot for you!

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Glue dots are a faster, cleaner, cost-effective alternative to hot-melt adhesives, glue guns or slow-drying glues
No expensive equipment required to apply glue dots, they can be hand applied or pair with one our of Adhesive Applicators such as our Glue Dot Roller.
No more burns, fumes or mess. Our Glue Dots are odourless and have an instant bond so no drying time is required.
Instant application of glue dots and bonding means no need to wait for warm-up or setting up.
Little or no staining after removal (unlike other glue dots) which means it doesn’t ruin or mark the print underneath. Popularly used in magazines advertising for this very reason.

6 standard grades of glue dots: Easy Tak, Easy-Mid Tak, Mid Tak, Ultra Tak, Vertical-Hold (removable) and Vertical-Hold (permanent)
Bespoke grades available, from fully Removable Glue Dots to high-shear Permanent Glue Dots
Rolls of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 up to 10,000 glue dots (or we can make rolls to meet your needs)
Glue dot sizes from 2mm–16mm diameter or bespoke sizes available on request.
Also available in a range colours on request, please speak to one of our sales team for more information.


Easy Tak - Very Low tak, easy to peel off most substrates. Re-positionable, removable and peelable glue dots

Easy/Mid Tak - Low tak and easy to peel off most substrates. Re-positionable with low staining

Mid Tak - Medium tak great for glossy surfaces such a business cards or gloss printed flyers. Removes easily from most substrates

Ultra Tak - Highly aggressive tak bonding most common substrates. For permanent bonds only as it will give substrate failure to most paper/card and lightweight materials

Vertical Hold (removable) Tak - High shear strength, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. Removed cleanly and easily from most substrates. Ideal for non permanent hanging of retail displays, posters direct mailing etc

Vertical Hold (permanent) Tak - High shear strength offers excellent vertical hold properties for most applications on most substrates. Ideal for permanent application and bonding

Fantastak SuperDot glue dots are used by various industries – such as print finishers, contract packers, direct mail companies, packaging businesses and product assembly firms.

As glue dots, they can be used for attaching items such as CDs and free samples to magazines, packaging and other promotional literature. And since SuperDot’s bond is instant, productivity goes up while the cost of labour comes down – and there’s no need for expensive hot-melt glue machinery.

Europe’s market-leading glue dots, SuperDots conform to FDA food approval 175.105 (suitable for indirect food contact, subject to limitations). They comply with Reach Regulation 1907/2006, and are manufactured to ISO standards.


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