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Credit Card Tabs

Card attachment tabs or Credit Card Tabs are 16mm x 38mm permanent/peelable tabs. These double coated film tapes are designed for automatic high speed affixment of plastic cards during mailing processing. Perfect for high volume jobs and attachments of membership or credit cards

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Products in this group feature a permanent adhesive on one side of a film carrier and a removable adhesive on the other side, we also do peelable tab. Plastic cards can be affixed securely to the low adhesive side that allows later removal with no adhesive residue. During development of this product group special care has been taken to enable the highest possible productivity of mail processing systems.

We offer various bond types, these are our standard permanent/permanent, permanent high tack, removable and peelable/peelable.

They are used to affix credit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards to mailer and letters allowing for easy no mess removal.

They are available on rolls of 6,000 for hand or machine application.


Fast for automatic machine affixment up to 8,000 labels per hour

Easy damage free removal on most plastics

Suitable for bonding PC cards, PVC cards, ABS cards and PET-G cards

Plastic cards can be removed with no adhesive residue

High quality bonds with various formats of

Hi Tack removable, permanent and peelable grades.


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