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ATG Tape + Dispenser

Adhesive Transfer Gun & ATG Tapes provide accurate control and precision application every time. The ATG gun winds the liner back into the cartridge meaning no messy liners to remove and higher levels of efficiency on  busy production lines. Perfect for attaching, sealing, mounting and various bespoke applications - try it today!

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The ATG gun offers users hand held adhesive application at the touch of a button. Trigger controlled, the applicator cuts the tape when released leaving a clean finish.

Perfectly designed for precise application or repetitive work, save valuable time on busy production lines and guarantee precision with every application.

With a range of tapes to swap and change between the ATG gun gives users excellent value for money as this applicator can we used for a wide range of applications.


We stock a wide range of ATG tapes, all easily loaded into the ATG applicator gun.

Acrylic-based adhesive in 6mm x 25m
Rubber or acrylic-based adhesives in 12mm x 50m
High-performance acrylic-solvent-based in 12mm x 33m (for laminated surfaces).

Fantastak offer the ATG tapes in a variety of adhesive strength and widths.


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