We commit to making a great innovative products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

New Product Innovation

We are continually looking to innovate with both our existing and future products through design, new formulations or the sourcing of a more environmentally sound substitute.

Steps to complete

Sustainable glue formulation

Sampling focus groups set up for feedback

Paper discs replacing plastic discs


Packaging and distribution

We will use recycled packaging wherever possible and minimise its use to be sufficient to serve its purpose. Finished products will be distributed by the lowest affordable environmental impact method with upgrades giving the customer choice.

Steps to complete

Work with suppliers of recycled packaging

Ongoing review carriers to look for those with lowest carbon footprint

QR coding of product to see sustainability statistics


Sourcing and Procurement

We look to source materials with the lowest environmental impact through our supply chain partners.

Steps to complete

Communicate our ambition to become net zero

Review current suppliers sustainability credentials

Creation of a new capital purchase policy

Training for suppliers to help on the journey

Ongoing measurement of carbon footprint of goods and services


Without great people we could not make great products or serve you to the
highest standard. We treat people as we would expect them to treat us.


Our community is important to us and we see it essential we contribute to it. We value our partners and suppliers as an integral part of our plan.

Steps to complete

Actively help suppliers on their journey

Ongoing sharing of best practices

Create charity initiatives in local community


Mental Well-being

We take mental health and wellbeing of our people very seriously.

Steps to complete

Mental health first aid

Offer flexible working and benefits

Perkbox team benefits introduced

Westfield health plan for every employee


Health and Safety

We are committed to provide a safe working environment for all our employees through the provision of comprehensive H&S policy and training.

Steps to complete

Monitor training hours of employees

Measure and monitor accidents

Conduct personal risk assessments

Active measuring to avoid repetitive strain injury

Provision of PPE where required


“Small Change”

All about our staff members buying into the ethos of the business and following/understanding how they can contribute to the climate change ethos. Official launch of the small change is the big innovation.

Steps to complete

Training for all new employees

Renewal training for existing employees

Official launch day for campaign


Governance and ethics

How we do things round here and some of our guiding principles.

Steps to complete

Full suite of people policies

Awareness training to prevent discrimination

Provision of working conditions to accommodate employees with disabilities


Professional Development

Training and continuous professional development of our employees is a basic right.

Steps to complete

Develop individual training plans

Measure and monitor each employee



We commit to creating and upholding a full suite of governance documents to safeguard our people and their working conditions.

Steps to complete

Anti-bribery and corruption


Information security


Equality of opportunity



We commit to making a great innovative products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Energy Efficiency

We manage our energy by looking for ways to reduce demand through process or technology and sourcing it from non-fossil fuel methods of generation.

Steps to complete

100% electricity from renewable sources

Insulation of offices

Installation of smart LED bulbs

Energy Demand management

Installation of solar panels

Energy awareness training for team

Overnight forklift charging

Use of cloud servers to minimise heat


Circular Economy

We are embracing the circular economy to minimise cost and waste as well as our environmental sustainability of all our processes and services.

Steps to complete

Refurbishing cutting blades

Repurposing of delivery packaging

Efficient balancing of production runs

Repurposing of excess adhesive

Cardboard / packaging to be recycled


Waste and water usage

We minimise waste by product or process design, reuse, repurpose or recycle. We carefully mange our water usage to minimise consumption, reusing or recycling, ensuring no pollutants are discharged.

Steps to complete

Stringent recycling of office bins

Repurposing of waste cardboard

Correct waste disposal awareness training

Purchase of bailer to streamline recycling

Recycling waste in common areas


Monitor and Measure Scopes

We monitor and measure our environmental impact annually reporting it to Ecovadis - who rate and review our performance.

Steps to complete

Set targets for ESG KPIs

Communicate aspirations and achievements

Achieve Ecovadis silver level 2022

Measure and monitor Co2e all aspects of business

Achieve Ecovadis gold level 2023